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Leverage ESG insights to drive sustainable growth, mitigate risks, and demonstrate your commitment to responsible practices.

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ESG Materiality Assessment Analysis in Essential ESG Software System

Provide stakeholder assurance & deliver real business value

Quickly and easily identify ESG priorities. Automate double materiality assessments. Manage ESG opportunities, objectives, initiatives and risks. Align with ESG standards and frameworks. Automate ESG metric tracking and ESG reporting.

A risk heatmap for sustainability Risk funnel report in Essential ERM
Double Materiality Assessments

Quickly and easily configure your materiality factors and scoring methodology (or use suggestions from Essential ESG).

Engage your stakeholders in the ESG process with automated voting for ESG priorities and double materiality scoring. Generate and download flexible materiality matrix reports in seconds.  

Continuous ESG Metric Tracking

Stop looking in the rearview mirror. Track important ESG metrics continuously and use insights to improve your execution.

Use automated workflows to gather and verify ESG data. Link metrics to ESG priorities, objectives, initiatives, risks, controls and more. Set targets, warning levels and tolerance limits. Receive alerts and notifications when metrics are not trending as planned.

A risk heatmap for sustainability Risk funnel report in Essential ERM
Engage Stakeholders with Interactive Reports

Demonstrate integration of ESG priorities into your strategy and operational processes. Illustrate your company's ESG performance over time. Anchor your reporting against ESG standards & frameworks.

By verifying your commitment and tracking these trends, stakeholders can gain insight into the organization's ESG efforts and make informed decisions.

All-in-One Connected Platform for ESG, Risk & Strategy

Get more value and build trust with your key stakeholders by integrating your ESG program with your company's strategy and enterprise risk management processes.

Essential ESG can be used as a standalone system or integrated with strategy and ERM modules for a complete solution that will align your business and wow your stakeholders.

ESG Platform that handles it all.
Accelerate  your company's progress towards best case outcomes for ESG priorities, initiatives, risks and reporting

ESG Topics Console

Visualize and  rank your ESG priorities in a single, flexible console that aligns with ESG standards.

ESG Details & Relationships

Explore ESG links with objectives, initiatives, risks, metrics and more.

Double Materiality Scoring

Select from system suggestions or configure your own ESG materiality factors and scoring.

Double Materiality Voting

Engage stakeholders with easy automated voting for ESG priorities and materiality scores.

ESG Library

Browse ESG topics, suggested metrics, risks, controls and more. Select items to quickly populate your ESG console.

ESG Metric Tracking

Automation to track key metrics associated with ESG objectives, risks, controls and more.

ESG Opportunities & Objectives

Identify and evaluate ESG opportunities. Plan and track progress towards ESG objectives.

ESG Initiatives & Action Plans

Plan and track ESG initiatives. Send reminders and collect automated action plan updates.

Integrate ESG with Strategy & ERM

Share data with strategy and ERM processes. Generate integrated views or isolate ESG performance reports with a few clicks.

Distributed Use with Central Coordination

Enable selective data access so business users understand and manage their part in the overall plan.

Dynamic Reporting

Flexible on-demand reports and visualizations that align with ESG standards and frameworks.

Speed & Ease of Implementation

Configure and launch in minutes with a flexible and intuitive platform that grows with your ESG program.

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Navigating ESG Reporting: Frameworks, Standards, and Metrics

This article explores various ESG reporting facets, including frameworks, standards, and metrics, and the role of ESG ratings and KRIs.


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