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Plan. Communicate. Execute. Monitor. Accelerate your progress towards best case outcomes for your company's strategic objectives and initiatives.

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What is Essential Strategy?

Essential Strategy is a web-based strategic planning and performance management platform that empowers leadership teams to plan, communicate, and execute enterprise strategy more effectively.

Coordinate efforts to achieve a unified vision and mission for your organization. Foster cross-functional collaboration and individual accountability.

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    Logic Models & Continuous Monitoring Apply planning discipline. Align activities so everyone works in unison. Monitor progress. Identify opportunities and make timely course corrections.

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    Manage Strategic Projects Track and accelerate progress towards best case outcomes for strategic initiatives. Connect projects with strategic objectives, key metrics, risks, action plans, milestones and more.

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    ERM & ESG Integration  Use Essential Strategy as a standalone system or integrate it with Essential ERM and Essential ESG for enhanced strategy execution and resilience.

Visualize Strategy

  • An interactive Pillar Chart helps facilitate the development and communication of your organization's vision, mission and strategy.
  • Track the dynamic status of key objectives and related strategic initiatives with drill down capability.
  • Monitor key metrics and risks. Be alerted when changing conditions warrant a review of strategy.
  • A highly configurable screen to achieve the best layout, color scheme, and filtered views for your leadership and business users.

Plan & Track Objectives

  • Visual logic models guide business users through collaborative and structured planning.
  • Communicate how the organization expects to effect change and achieve its objectives.
  • Set milestones and monitor progress towards outcomes to identify when course corrections are needed.

Learn how to build a logic model
Logic Model for Objectives

Plan & Track Initiatives

  • Integrated tracking for key initiatives and strategic projects.
  • Track project progress, timelines, key milestones, metrics, risks, action plans (with Gantt chart visualizations) and more.
  • Easily configurable screen views and labels to align with internal terminology.

Visualize Progress

  • Achieve goals with surety by continually monitoring progress and making corrections faster when needed.
  • Track progress relative to budget, benefits, % complete and more.
  • Monitor key related metrics and be alerted when progress is not as expected.
  • Track and proactively manage key risks that impact the achievement of objectives (or that arise from the pursuit of strategy).
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platform that handles it all.
Track and accelerate your company's progress towards best case outcomes for strategic objectives and initiatives.

Configurable Pillar Chart

Visualize your strategic plan and current status in a single, intuitive diagram.

Align Strategic Objectives

Visualize and monitor key objectives across top priority areas.

Integrated Project Tracking

Plan and track progress for the key initiatives that will help you achieve your objectives.

Integrated Enterprise Risk

Proactively manage risks to objectives. Optional integration with Essential ERM.

Integrated ESG

Embed ESG priorities and initiatives in your strategic plan. Optional integration with Essential ESG.

Metric Tracking

Automation to track key metrics associated with objectives, risks, assumptions, outcomes and more.

Distributed Use with Central Coordination

Enable selective data access so business users understand and manage their part in the overall plan.

Action Plan Automation

Send automatic reminders and collect updates to ensure plans are completed on time.

Integrated Logic Model Diagrams

Plan and communicate how you will achieve objectives. Track progress towards desired outcomes.

Data Portfolios & Roll Ups

Easy organizational modelling for powerful roll-up reporting & user access management.

Dynamic Reporting

Flexible on-demand reports and visualizations.

Speed & Ease of Implementation

Configure and launch in minutes with a flexible and intuitive platform that grows with your strategy program.

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