Gagan Majathia

Gagan Majathia


Gagan Majathia is a forward-thinking product leader known for driving innovation and strategic direction within the realm of B2B SaaS software solutions. Gagan plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing comprehensive product visions that align  with market demands.

At Tracker Networks, Gagan assumes a the role of Director of Product, steering the formulation and implementation of robust product strategies. His expertise lies conceptualizing the trajectory of products but also in guiding their development lifecycle to ensure alignment with the company's overarching goals. Gagan spearheads the delineation of clear product roadmaps and the establishment of key performance indicators that drive the team towards excellence.

Gagan's strategic impact extends to leading the with the technology and marketing arms of the company. He collaborates closely with the technology team to define and refine the technological architecture required for product development, while also devising and implementing impactful strategies that enhance product visibility and market penetration.

With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University, specializing in Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Gagan's expertise is a fusion of technical prowess and exceptional soft skills. His leadership acumen, visionary outlook, and adept communication abilities serve as catalysts in navigating the intricate landscape of product development, ensuring each initiative contributes significantly to the company's success.

In his capacity as Director of Product, Gagan epitomizes a results-oriented leader, championing customer-centricity, fostering innovation, and leveraging a strong business acumen and problem-solving finesse to drive product excellence and business growth.

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